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Africa: TUTT Africa Agents Want Milk Powder
TUTT Africa Agents are always seeking suppliers of milk powder. We are confident there are more TUTT Agents on email in more African countries than any group. Having worked in French West Africa 4 years, the TUTT President speaks English, French and Bambara.

Australia: Australia Milk Powder Email List
Major suppliers of whole milk powder for export are Bonlac, Nestle and Murray Goulburn. Major suppliers of skim milk powder for export are Murray Goulburn, Bonlac, Tatura, UMT and Nestle. Go to TUTT Australia.

China: China Milk Powder
Email with one of China's largest milk powder manufacturers, a group with 3 milk powder factories. Production capability is more than 1,000 MT each month of whole milk powder. Delivery at least 500 MT each month. Packaging in 10kg/bag or 25kg/bag or 500 gramme /bag or according to customer's order. Skim milk powder. Milk powder standard : China National Food Standard A Class. Made of fresh milk, these Chinese cows graze China's Northern Great Grasslands, a vast expanse of fertile land, the best natural pasture in China, the grass is like a green cushion without chemical pollution. The quality of milk and processing controls are unsurpassed. From source to Dalian port by train in 13 hours, easy. Dalian port is very modern international transfer port in the Southern part of North China.

Costa Rica:
Costa Rica Milk Powder
Email with a manufacturter of milk powder on Costa Rica. Go to TUTT Costa Rica.

Denmark: Danish Dairy Board
Email with the Danish Dairy Board to learn Danish processors and exporters of dairy products: milk powder, cheese, butter, condensed milk, preserved milk, etc.

Denmark: "Friendship" Brand Milk Powder
"…We are one of the largest independent privately-owned group of companies in Denmark specializing in international food trading under the famous "Friendship" Brand. Established in 1978. Our product range includes: Cheese for table and industrial use, Butter and butter fat, Margarine, Eggs and egg products, Fish and shell fish, Regular skimmed- and full cream milk powders, Casein, Caseinate and other milk protein products, Cheese powder, Whey powder and whey protein products, Lactose, Different types of ingredients, Meat products. Our products are available in both bulk and consumer packs for use by the industrial manufacturing and catering trades as well as for wholesale and retail outlets for direct consumption..." Go to TUTT Denmark

Estonia: Estonia Milk Powder
Email with a Manufacturers Representative in Merivalja Tee, Tallinn, Estonia, who represents large dairies in Estonia and Lithuania. Full cream & skim milk powder, canned sweetened condensed milk.

Ireland: Ireland Irish Dairy Board
Email the Irish Dairy Board in Dublin.

Lithuania: Lithuania Milk Powder
Email with a Manufacturers Representative in Merivalja Tee, Tallinn, Estonia, who represents large dairies in Estonia and Lithuania. Full cream & skim milk powder. Canned milk products: Sweetened condensed milk ; Coffee with sweetened cond. milk ; Cacao with sweetened cond. Milk ; Boiled sweetened cond. milk ; Evaporated milk.

Poland: Poland Milk Powder & Baby Formula
Email with the export office of 3 Polish dairy plants, the actual producer and exporter. Immediately deliveries: Spray Dried Skim Milk Powder ; ADPI Extra Grade. Spray Dried Whole Milk Powder, ADPI Extra Grade ; Spray Dried Non-Hygroscopic Whey Powder ; Long Life UHT Milk packing in aseptic 0.5L, 1L and 2L Tetra Pak cartons with plastic re-cup (USA FDA import permission for L/L UHT Milk), Cheese in blocks (i.e. type Gouda, Edam), Unsalted Butter in 25kg blocks, Butter substitutes (Butter/Margarine mix packing in 225g, 250g, 400g plastic pods), Margarine 100% vegetable in 20kg net blocks and Baby Formula for Infants 1-5 months and 5-12 months (FAO / WHO Food Standards Programme (1982) Standards for Foods for Infants and Children). Exporting Baby Formula to CIS Countries, Sudan, Yemen, etc. Polish origin, fresh production, w/o preservatives and additives, manufactured from cows’ milk only. Delivered directly from creameries with SGS Quality and Quantity Certificate at buyer request. Go to TUTT Poland.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Needs Milk Powder
Email with the largest ice cream manufacturing unit in Sri Lanka. They found TUTT Milk Powder. They seek a reliable source to supply Skimmed Milk Powder, 1 - 20 FCL/month. They are part of one of the most diversified groups of companies in Sri Lanka. Established in 1870, this group now consists of 61 companies of which 14 are quoted on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Total Staff: 7,280 (excluding plantation workers). In 1994, this group became the first and to-date remains the only Sri Lankan company to obtain a quotation of its shares overseas. Ranked No. 1 in the bourse in market cap terms and accounts for approximately 13% of the market capitalization of the Colombo Stock Exchange. Fortune Investor says this group ought to be on any Asia investor’s list.

Sweetened Condensed: TUTT Sweetened Condensed Milk Email List

Email List: TUTT Milk Powder Email List
We built this for TUTT Africa Agents and it has grown to serve companies worldwide. TUTT Agents get 1/2 of the TUTT commisison. Suppliers usually pay 5%. Email with the Australian Dairy Corporation to get email addresses for Australia's major dairy manufacturers and exporters. Email with the Danish Dairy Board to learn Danish processors and exporters of milk powder. Place your advert in Holland's main monthly hard copy export magazine. TUTT represents India's largest dairy manufacturer and exporter. On this email list are suppliers from Holland, France, Ireland, Europe, East Europe, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, U.S., etc. Milk powder is a product we have worked on for years. Also listed are email addresses from all inquiries TUTT has received from buyers, suppliers, TUTT Africa Agents, TUTT Manufacturers Representatives, TUTT Partners, TUTT Agents, etc. A great list for buyers to find suppliers or suppliers to make offers to buyers.

Advertising: TUTT Milk Powder Advertising
We can publish your buy/sell offers here, then email TUTT Milk Powder Advertising. There are suppliers and buyers on this email list that do not have advertisements above. If you are a buyer, you can get 1/2 of the 5% commission that suppliers pay to TUTT, as 2.5% off the L/C you or your buyer pays to the supplier or 2.5% from TUTT after the supplier pays TUTT. Look on Excite search engine for "TUTT", we are in the top 10, that's why new buyers and suppliers will find you here. See TUTT Agreements on TUTT Homepage.

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