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Circular Looms & Winders Spare Parts
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Mayank Patel: [email protected]
Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India

We are one of India's leading manufacturers and exporters of Starlinger circular loom spares / parts and Starlinger / Georg Sahm cheese winder components.  We are GEPTech India: Gujarat Elastomers & Polymer Technologies Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India.  We serve the World's Manufacturers of PP/HDPE Woven Sacks / Bulk Bags / FIBCs.  GEPTech India Genuine Parts has a wide range of circular loom spare parts for most makes and models: Starlinger, Lohia, Lenzing, Kandler, GCL, Hagihara, Phyllis, Yei, Houchen, Torii, Megeba, etc.  GEPTech Genuine Parts has a wide range of spare parts for Starlinger models such as: HDN4, SL4, HDE4, HD4, SL6, HDN6, SL62, HDN62, SL8, HDN8, etc.  GEPTech India Genuine Parts include high wear & tear parts such as: shuttle wheel, grommet band, cam roller / excenter roller, chonchoid roller, heald wire, compensator, grommet belt, eyelets, bandage, lever / HSD Arm, brake arm, guide bracket, boom holder, insertion fingers, insertion bow, brake sheek, bobbin holder, bracket bearing, creel peg assembly, lever / driving arm, pusher wheel, etc.  GEPTech India Genuine Parts has an extensive range of spare parts for FIL23 Winders and Georg Sahm winders, including precision critical parts such as Scroll-Cam, yarn guide carriage, cam-follower, thread guide roll and thread guides.  GEPTech India also makes scroll-cams for winder models Leesona, Dietze-Schell, Torii and Alquis.  Additionally, GEPTech India offers industrial sewing machines for the woven sacks / FIBC industry, as well as sewing machine spare parts for NEWLONG model.  GEPTech India Genuine Parts also supplies Sulzer Projectile Flat Loom Spares and Parts for various models, such as PU, TW11, P7100, etc.   GEPTech India may be looking for a Sales Agent to contact Woven Sack/FIBC Manufacturers in your country and neighboring regions.  If you are interested in becoming a GEPTech Global Sales Agent, please contact us.  GEPTech India enjoys an excellent rating with Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S 65-043-0374).  GEPTech India Genuine Parts are shipped worldwide to over 30 Countries and it's growing.  We are confident you will find GEPTech India Genuine Parts most satisfactory and most economical.  We will be happy to ship to you free samples for your evaluation and testing, which will demonstrate our ability to deliver quality at most competitive pricing.  We look forward to emailing with you about the free samples, we will need the make / model of the circular looms and winders.  It's easy to ship to USA and most countries from India, we are already doing it.  Most orders go air, 70% of our consignments go air by DHL or FEDEX on "Door to Door" delivery basis, which means DHL or FEDEX will do all the paperwork at the client's end, including custom clearance.  DHL & FEDEX are very skilled in this and it's very convenient for the client.  Parcels are shipped in a 25-50 kg jumbo box provided by DHL or Fedex which has especially attractive rates.  DHL & FEDEX will refuse cargo if all documents are not in order, which is good for the client, as it means all documents must be complete in all respects.  DHL & Fedex are swift and our cargo reaches USA, for example, in 5 to 6 working days after dispatch from India.  The client can easily track the whereabouts of the consignment based on the tracking number.  GEPTech India will be pleased to hear from you, please email me anytime:

Mr. Mayank Patel, Managing Director
Gujarat Elastomers & Polymer Technologies Ltd.
2-E Trade Centre, Stadium Circle, Navrangpura
Ahmedabad 380-009 Gujarat State, India
Cel:  +91-98-2500-7544
Tel:  +91-79-2640-1906, -6631-1906
Fax: +91-79-2656-0516
[email protected]
GEPTech India Global Sales & Service
Circular Looms & Winders Spare Parts
TUTT FIBC & PP/HDPE Woven Sacks Manufacturers



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